1st Giveaway

100,000 for the lucky winner!

By IsmaharIsmail

This will be my 1st Giveaway!

Almost everybody on Media Social did this. So I was thinking, why not!

Eh tercakap english pulak. Lupa diri, aku ni orang Parit. Lidah dah sebati dengan Mee hailam parit dan durian. hahaha

Sebelum aku mula, korang dah tengok ka video Monas 360 aku? Kalau belum, kena tengok! Tak tengok tengin hahaha. Lepas tengok baru tengok video di Lapangan Banteng Jakarta ni. Memang gempak. kalau orag Indonesia, deme cakap keren. Komer tengok aje la cara aku terapung di udara tuh

Bersempena video inilah aku buat Giveaway ini…

aku baru open eshop. ada nak buat projek jual jual sikit nanti 

Ini cara cara kalau kome berminat nak join and dapatkan 100,000

How to Enter?


1. Subscribe to this channel

2. The most creative comment on this video will win!

3. Comment with your email

4. You MUST be Jakarta residence. In Bintaro is better

Winner will get a IDR 100,000 Parkson Centro gift voucher,

EXPIRY: 31st August 2019.

Closing date is : 19 Aug 2019

Gift delivery (JAKARTA only): 20 Aug 2019 – via Gojek

I hope its all clear to those interested to participate. IDR 100,000 is around RM 30.

It will be good enough if you plan to buy some food or and underwear!

Above all, please enjoy the video and the view. Dont forget to leave me a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

Antara video Jakarta yang korang kene tengok!

Aku tetiba hilang idea lak nak taip. Bini panggil, Teh Tarik dah siap. huhuhu.

See you in next post. Much Love!

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